Packers Media Roster Predictions: Hits, Misses, and Winners

Now that the Green Bay Packers have their starting 53-man roster after making 22 player cuts yesterday, it’s time to see how well the media handled their roster predictions. Obviously, this is just a fun activity to see how close we all were; nevertheless, we can also clearly see who the surprise cuts were. Which players were almost unanimously selected by media members to make the roster, but who ended up getting cut on Saturday?

Yet more importantly – at least for bragging rights – who had the closest prediction?

So here it is. I’ve compiled a list of 18 beat writers, media analysts, and bloggers who posted public predictions for their Packers 53-man roster. In addition to their name and affiliation, I’ve included their number of correctly predicted players, the overall average of correct players, as well as which players were incorrectly predicted. I then totaled the number of misses by player to see who the big surprises were. Take a look:

2013 Packers Media 53-Man Roster Prediction Results

2013 Packers Media 53-Man Roster Prediction Results
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First of all, congratulations to Kyle “The Mayor” Cousineau over at Pocket Doppler! Not only did he accurately predict 50 out of 53 players, but he won a heads-up contest between himself and Tom “Backdeck” Knigge.

Kyle was also one of the few to project the release of ILB Terrell Manning. The only other two people to nail this surprise cut were our own Cory Jennerjohn and the staff writers at Acme Packing Company.

The most obvious surprises on Saturday were quarterback Vince Young and running back Alex Green. While none of us were really enamored with either of these players, we generally seemed to feel that the numbers and depth chart had basically secured their place on the roster.

As was mentioned, Manning became the third biggest surprise cut with TE Matthew Mulligan a close fourth. OLB Dezman Moses, WR Tyrone Walker, and TE D.J. Williams were all bubble guys who could have been argued either way. They weren’t really surprise cuts, but it also wouldn’t have been surprising to see them make the roster, either.

So there you have it! Another year down, another set of predictions blown out of the water by Ted Thompson. If there’s one thing to take away from this, it’s that special teams roles really do matter when it comes to the final roster. That’s something will all have to remember when we engage in this silly process of reading Ted Thompson’s mind next year.



Surviving Sunday: News, Notes and Analysis from Packers Preseason

Surviving Sundays with no Packers Football

Surviving Sundays with no Packers Football

Well, Packers fans, since the 2013 NFL season starts next Sunday, this is the last Surviving Sunday of the year.

NFL football games that actually matter will be keeping us occupied for the next 20 weeks or so, and there won’t be a need for 800-word posts wrapping up the news of the week and mixing in my ramblings about pro wrestling, video games, concussions, the media or whatever other tangent I like to go off on.

As always, thanks for reading. Hopefully the next Surviving Sunday isn’t published until Feb. 9, 2014, the Sunday after the Packers win Super Bowl XLVIII.

Roster cuts
All of the Packers roster cuts are in and there were a few surprises: 1) Vince Young is gone. I thought his ability to run and at least have a chance to make a play every now and then would save him, but I thought wrong. Now who’s going to back up Aaron Rodgers? Your guess is as good as mine. 2. Tyrone Walker didn’t make the team. I suppose that’s not really too big of a surprise, but he had a nice camp and I liked what I saw. Alex Green getting cut wasn’t much of a surprise. Starks has more pop than Green and is just a better back. You can’t play the injury card on Starks when comparing the two, either, because Green has injury issues of his own.

Tramon is back
Tramon Williams returned in Thursday’s preseason finale and had an interception on the Chiefs’ first pass. I’m not worried at all about Williams’ pass coverage. Sure, he gets beat more often than he did in 2010, but the good far outweighs the bad when Williams drops back in coverage. What I need to see from Williams is toughness. The 49ers will look at film of the 2012 Packers this week, see Williams retreat when a run comes his way, and start licking their chops. Williams needs to be a tougher tackler this season. Plain and simple.



AllGreenBayPackers.com Staff: Final 53-man Packers Roster Predictions

To make it easier for you to compare our Packers roster predictions, here they all are in a handy table. Enjoy mocking us when the actual roster is named!

Packers 53-Man Roster Predictions:

53-Man Roster Predictions
Adam Marques Thomas Cory Jason Chad Jersey Al
Rodgers Rodgers Rodgers Rodgers Rodgers Rodgers Rodgers
Young Young Young Young Young Young Young
2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Adam Marques Thomas Cory Jason Chad Jersey Al
Lacy Lacy Lacy Lacy Lacy Lacy Lacy
Starks Green Green Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin
Green Franklin Franklin Green Green Green Green
Franklin McKnight Kuhn Starks Starks Starks Starks
Kuhn Kuhn Kuhn Kuhn Kuhn Kuhn
5 5 4 5 5 5 5
Adam Marques Thomas Cory Jason Chad Jersey Al
Finley Finley Finley Finley Finley Finley Finley
Quarless Quarless Quarless Quarless Quarless Mulligan Mulligan
Taylor Mulligan Bostick Williams Taylor Williams Quarless
Bostick Taylor Mulligan Mulligan Mulligan Taylor Taylor
Taylor Taylor Bostick Bostick Bostick
4 4 5 5 5 5 5
Adam Marques Thomas Cory Jason Chad Jersey Al
Cobb Nelson Cobb Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson
Jones Jones Nelson Jones Cobb Jones Jones
Nelson Cobb Jones Cobb Jones Cobb Cobb
Boykin Boykin Boykin Boykin Boykin Boykin Boykin
Ross Walker Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross
Walker Walker
6 5 6 5 5 5 5
Adam Marques Thomas Cory Jason Chad Jersey Al
Bakhtiari Bakhtiari Bakhtiari Bakhtiari Bakhtiari Bakhtiari Bakhtiari
Sitton Sitton Sitton Sitton Sitton Sitton Sitton
Lang Lang Lang Lang Lang Lang Lang
Barclay Barclay Barclay Barclay Barclay Barclay Barclay
Newhouse Newhouse Newhouse Newhouse Newhouse Newhouse Newhouse
Lewis Van Roten Van Roten Van Roten Van Roten Van Roten Van Roten
Taylor Taylor Taylor
7 8 7 8 8 7 7
Adam Marques Thomas Cory Jason Chad Jersey Al


Surviving Sunday: News, Notes and Analysis from Packers Preseason

Surviving Sundays with no Packers Football

Surviving Sundays with no Packers Football

Graham Harrell cut
Somebody alert the Minnesota Vikings, another Packers player has hit the open market. Reports are out there that Graham Harrell is getting cut, meaning Vince Young has won the Packers’ backup QB job. The Packers are effed if Vince Young needs to play for an extended stretch of games, but probably not as effed as they would’ve been with Harrell. I thought Harrell would come around to at least be a Matt Flynn type of backup, but obviously, I was wrong. His accuracy went from bad to worse, and that ultimately did him in.

Knowledge of offense?
The only thing Harrell had going for him was his knowledge of the offense. I suppose it would be nice for Aaron Rodgers to have a backup that is familiar with the offense and can offer insight when needed, but that knowledge didn’t make up for Harrell’s poor play. Besides, the Packers have a QB coach, offensive coordinator, head coach and who knows how many other people that know this offense just as well, if not better than Rodgers. If Vince Young is playing catchup in the classroom, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Meat wagon makes the rounds at Lambeau
Five more Packers were struck down with injuries in Friday’s loss to the Seachickens. Casey Hayward, Brad Jones, Morgan Burnett and Jarvis Reed left the game on defense. On offense, DuJuan Harris re-injured his knee. Of the five, Burnett worries me the most. Who’s going to play safety if Burnett is on the shelf?

Sherrod’s family speaks
Since the Packers and Derek Sherrod aren’t providing any updates on why it’s taking so long for the big tackle to return from a broken leg, Bob McGinn contacted Sherrod’s family to try and learn more about what’s going on. Turns out Sherrod has had to deal with many challenges on his road to recovery. I don’t get why the Packers and/or Sherrod have been so secretive about the injury and recovery process. I get that all teams are paranoid about releasing injury news, but what good has that paranoia done the Packers in Sherrod’s case? All it’s done is frustrated the fan base and caused some misguided people to question Sherrod’s work ethic or toughness as he tries to return.



Who’s Next on the Packers’ Chopping Block?


Could Tramon Williams fall victim to Ted Thompson’s axe before next season?

Packers fans have seen a lot of big names and sentimental favorites either cut or allowed to sign elsewhere in free agency over the last two seasons.

The most recent casualty was Desmond Bishop. The inside linebacker’s exit came after guys like Greg Jennings, Charles Woodson, Tom Crabtree and Scott Wells were given their walking papers or not resigned in the last two offseasons.

Of course, losing name players always gets a certain segment of Packers fans riled up. Never mind the fact that the vast majority of players cut or not resigned by Packers GM Ted Thompson have gone on to do very little once they’re picked up by another team. The initial shock of losing a player who fans have formed some type of connection with usually causes some sort of backlash.

So, who’s next? Which one of our beloved Packers will be axed by the evil Thompson or not resigned because Packers salary cap whiz Russ Ball says, “Screw the fans! This guy isn’t worthy half of what he’s asking!”

Here are some possible candidates (I tried to limit it to players that the fans generally like. Hence, Jermichael Finley was not included):

CB Tramon Williams
Throwing Williams’ name out there makes me feel like Skip Bayless, but consider: 1) Williams will be 31 next season; 2) He’s due to make $6.9 million in 2014; 3) He hasn’t been able to repeat the success he had in 2010; 4) The Packers have a lot of young talent in the secondary; 5) He’s been bothered by a bum shoulder going on two years now. Kind of sounds like a prime candidate to fall victim to Thompson’s axe, doesn’t it?

FB John Kuhn
If the Packers had any sort of confidence in the pass-blocking ability of the running backs currently on the roster, I think they would wave bye-bye to Kuhn and his $1.8 million salary today. Packers fans boo Kuhn whenever he touches the ball, anyway, so maybe they wouldn’t be too upset about this. Wait…oh, they’re saying “Kuuuuuuhn!” Never mind, fans would be pissed. But Kuhn isn’t going anywhere unless one of the young backs shows the immediate ability to read blitzes and be a shut-down pass blocker.



Will John Kuhn Return to the Packers?

John Kuhn

My hunch is the Packers bring FB John Kuhn back in 2013.

Most of the offseason focus on Packers roster cuts has focused on Jermichael Finley and A.J. Hawk. Both of those players elicit strong reactions from Packers fans.

Mention Finley on a sports-talk radio show and the phones lines light up. Drop Hawk’s name in a blog post and the comments section gets heated in a hurry.

John Kuhn doesn’t move the needle like Finley or Hawk. Most Packers fans like Kuhn. They view Kuhn as an underdog who got where he is through toughness and hard work. They also like yelling “Kuuuuuuuhn!” whenever he touches the ball.

As well-liked as the fullback from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania is, however, there’s a chance his days in Green Bay could be over.

Kuhn is set to make $2.6 million in 2013. That’s a lot of money to pay a back in a passing offense who isn’t much of a threat to run, pick up short-yardage first downs or turn checkdown passes into big gains.

Kuhn played 39.2 percent of the Packers offensive snaps in 2012. Pro Football Focus gave him an overall grade of 4.3 for the season, ranking him 12th among all fullbacks  (out of 25 that were graded)..

His blocking grade of 4.4 ranked him 16th and his running grade of -1.1 ranked 23rd.

Do those numbers merrit a $2.6 million salary? Probably not, but my hunch is Kuhn will be back unless the Packers could really use that extra $2.6 million to get the Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews contract extensions out of the way sooner rather than later.

I doubt Thompson is going to do much in free agency besides maybe a signing or two for depth. Thompson probably won’t need Kuhn’s cap space to sign free agents.

I also have a hunch that the Packers will head into 2013 with Evan Dietrich-Smith at center and Marshall Newhouse at left tackle. Either that or Dietrich-Smith at center, Bryan Bulaga at left tackle and Don Barclay at right tackle. Whichever combination happens to be the one, Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers are going to want a pass-blocking back who knows where to be and can get the job done.



Waived Packers Players Claimed by Other Teams

One measure of the strength of a team’s roster is how many of their waived players are claimed by other teams. Here’s a list of cut Packers players that have found themselves a spot on other teams’ 53-man rosters.

… There were no signings.

none, nil, naught, zero, zilch, nada, bupkus.

I guess there’s an exception to every rule…

Go Pack!

P.S. Tori Gurley reportedly has joined the Vikings practice squad. He’ll certainly have a much better chance of getting called up there, but having to were a blonde wig with braids? Don’t know if that works for him…

Dale Moss tweeted Sunday morning that he’s headed to the Tampa Bay Practice Squad.









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