Green Bay Packers Superfans and their Stories: Glen Christensen

Glen Christensen - Packers Superfan and Collector

Glen Christensen - Packers Superfan and Collector

This is the first Packers superfan story I’ve done in awhile. I decided early on that I was going to make this a rather exclusive club. If anyone deserves to be the next inductee, it’s Glen Christensen. Glen, who lives in Grapevine Texas,  has put together the most amazing collection of Packers memorabilia and collectibles you’re like to see anywhere outside of the Packers Hall of Fame.

How about a life size Bart Starr replica statue? A bench from the Packers sideline in the 1960′s? An action photo of Curly Lambeau from 1921? He has them all and much, much more. You can view many of them at his new website, UltimatePackerCollection.com.

Here is Glen’s story:


When did you first become a Packers fan and what is the background story behind it?

I was born in Green Bayat St.VincentsHospitaland grew up just blocks from Lambeau Field where my Grandparents had a neighborhood store on 9th Street.  I literally have been a fan my entire life. My Green and Gold blood comes from my mom and dad.  My mom was the first majorette with the Green Bay Packer Lumberjack Band from 1940-1944.  She was hired by Curley Lambeau and Wilner Burke after seeing her twirl at halftime at aGreen BayEastHigh School game.  My Dad sold cars for Don Hutson and he had a lot of great stories to tell about that as well.  It seems my dad had an uncanny likeness to Hutson so Don would send him out to the lot some times to fool prospective customers that they were meeting the great Don Hutson.  My Dad also worked as an artist for Romo display and was involved in the “G” decal design for the helmets. Growing up I remember having brown paper packages in my Dads cabinets that were full of the helmet “G’s” ……  I also remember decorating my bikes with them, folders, etc.  Oh how I wish I had those original, vintage helmet decals today!


What are some of your earliest memories of the Green Bay Packers?



Video of How the 1% Roll. Watching the Packers vs. Giants Playoff Game at Lambeau Feld


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Green Bay Packers Superfans and their Stories – “The Owner” Steve Tate

Green Bay Packer Superfan Steve Tate, aka “The Owner”, is a ubiquitous presence in Green Bay. Go to just about any Packers-related event and you’ll see Steve there in full Packers uniform wearing his “The Owner” cheesehead. Here is his story:

When did you first become a Packers fans and what is the background story behind it?
I have been asked this question a number of times and I have two basic answers.
1) As long as I can remember I have been a big Green Bay Packer fan. I think it all goes back to that we were fairly poor when I was young and there was not a lot of entertainment or trips and my dad was gone working long hours. But every time the Packers were playing we would listen, or watch them. In the 60s the Packers were the NFL’s best team and they became the first and real America’s team.
2) From this background I have tracked back to when I first became a Packer fan and that goes back to April of 1957. I was born in January of 1958.

What are your earliest memories of the Green Bay Packers?
Winning, family and the guys flying with the backpacks that made them airborne in Super Bowl II!

How did your Packer fandom evolve into the persona “Steve Tate, NFL Owner”?

I have always wanted a Green Bay Packer share of stock. I did not think there would be another stock sale so I wanted to buy one that was issued to someone else for my personal Packer collection. I started my Green Bay Packer memorabilia collection when I lived in Nebraska for 3.5 years when a friend gave me two Packer rookie cards in 1992.

Therefore, when the Packers had another stock sale in 1997, I jumped at the chance to contribute to the Packers and become a shareholder. I just got my share of stock near the end of 1997. The Packers were Super Bowl XXXI champions.



Green Bay Packers SuperFans and Their Stories: St. Vince

Every Green Bay Packers fan worth his/her salt knows St. Vince.  Wearing his holy garb, he can be seen in his low-level end-zone seats, along with his cheese-bra wearing wife, “Cheese Louise.”  St. Vince has become synonymous with Lambeau Field and is almost as a big a celebrity in Green Bay as the players are.

Before every home game, he is mobbed by Packer fans wanting to take pictures, get autographs and kiss his Super-Bowl ring. St. Vince truly shows the patience of a saint, obliging every request, and blessing fans with his cheerful personality. I am always fascinated by people who take their Packers fandom to a “higher” level, so I just had to get to know a little about this “Paragon of Packers Piety:”

When did you first become a Packers fans and what is the background story behind it? Also, what are your earliest memories of the Packers?

My earliest memories of the Green Bay Packers were when I was about 5 years old. The ritual with our family was like that of thousands of other families back then….You get up on Sunday, have breakfast and go to church. You then come home and watch the Green Bay Packers on TV and then have your Sunday meal. I did that for about 7-8 years from about 1957 to 1964 and learned a lot about the game. Then in 1964, my Grandfather got two very good tickets to a Packers game at Milwaukee County Stadium and took me to see my first Packers game. Since I had never seen the Packers on anything other than a black and white TV, I was momentarily surprised to see all the color when I walked thru the tunnel and saw them on the field! From that point on, I was HOOKED on watching games in-person versus watching them on TV! I did everything I could to go to games in Milwaukee and Green Bay. We lived south of Madison, Wisconsin so it was about 160 miles to Green Bay and about 80 miles to Milwaukee. So the problem wasn’t only getting tickets to the game, but figuring out how to get there as well!

How did your Packer fandom evolve into the persona “St. Vince?”