Some 2nd round Trade-Up Scenarios for Packers GM Ted Thompson

Packers GM Ted Thompson Trade-Up NFL Draft

If only I had a mint julep right now...

The other day we looked at possible first round trades for the Packers. Today we dip into the second round for some moves that might makes sense for Green Bay:

2nd Round Trade #1

The Packers trade their 2nd (59), 4th (123) and 6th (12) to the Tennessee Titans for their 2nd (52) and seventh (227). The trade value numbers are 385 on the Packers side and 381 for the Titans.

The Packers watch the second round unfold and after the first 50 picks are taken, find there are some players on their board they had rated as early second round talent. Ted Thompson can’t pass up the opportunity and calls up the Titans, owners of only seven picks in this draft.

The Titans stock up on more picks, while the Packers move up seven spots to grab the surprise dropper of the second round. Perhaps Shea McClellin, Chris Polk, Harrison Smith or Jerel Worthy find their way onto the Packers’ roster.

2nd Round Trade #2

The Packers trade their 2nd (59), 3rd (90), 4th (123) and 6th (197) to the Jacksonville Jaguars for their 2nd (38). The trade value numbers are 512 on the Packers side and 520 for the Titans.

The Jaguars will be willing traders, with only seven picks of their own. With this trade, the Jaguars end up with four picks in the first 90 selections and six in the first 123.

Do the Packers get enough? At first glance it might be hard to say yes, but let’s examine a bit closer. What Green Bay ends up with is two top-40 picks. To make a case for this trade, it would take a first-round talent on the Packers’ board falling into the second round. This would give them the potential to add two starters, much like they did with the Raji / Matthews draft, but at a MUCH cheaper cost, thanks to the new CBA and later picks.

So, if the Packers look at their board when the Jags are up and the likes of  Peter Konz, Kendall Reyes, Courtney Upshaw or Nick Perry are still there, do you make this move? Would it be any more risky than the trade to get Clay Matthews? I think not.

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Some 1st round Trade-Up Scenarios for Packers GM Ted Thompson

Packers GM Ted Thompson Trade-Up NFL Draft

Hmmmmm, who can I hoodwink?

With the Packers already holding the maximum 12 picks in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft, the odds would seem to favor seeing the Packers trade-up in one of the early rounds, in exchange for giving up multiple picks in later rounds.

Of course, with Ted Thompson, that’s only going to happen if a player he covets is unexpectedly within reach, but unlikely to last until the Packers’ next selection (ala Clay Matthews).

Coincidentally, this article comes on the heels of one by our own Thomas Hobbes on how the new CBA makes it more economically feasible to trade up.

So, using the trade value chart (those that wish to argue the relevance/accuracy of this chart should weigh in on the comments on this article, not here), lets take a look at a few trades that make sense for the Packers in Round1.

1st round trade #1:

The Packers trade their 1st (28), 3rd (90) and 4th (123) to the Tennessee Titans for their 1st (20). The trade value numbers are 849 on the Packers side and 850 for the Titans, almost a perfect match.

The Titans, holding only seven picks, look to add more depth in exchange for dropping down eight spots. The Packers, eager to add new starting-caliber talent on defense, swoop in to select Fletcher Cox, Whitney Mercilus, Mark Barron, Dre Kirkpatrick or Stephon Gilmore.

This would be a significant move for Ted Thompson, and would mean he sees a GREAT value in the guy that has unexpectedly dropped to 20. That would probably mean someone like Cox or Barron. The best part about this scenario is the packers keep their second round pick.

1st Round trade # 2:

The Packers trade their 1st (28), 4th (123) and 6th(197) to the Denver Broncos for their 1st (25).  The trade value numbers are 721 on the Packers side and 720 for the Broncos.

The Broncos, with only 8 picks in the draft, increase that number to 10, while still getting one of the top 3 on their board when they would have normally picked. The Packers give up surplus picks to jump ahead of the Texans and Patriots, two teams likely looking for linebacker help.

Thus, the Packers are able to get the best linebacker still available on their board, perhaps Dont’a Hightower, who the Packers think could even convert to OLB,  or Courtney Upshaw, who many feel will be dropping into the late first.



Packers Roster Cuts 2011: The Complete List to get to 53-man Roster

The Turk pays the Packers a Visit

Here’s your complete list of Packers roster cuts and trades the team implemented to get them down to the mandated 53-man roster limit:

G Caleb Schlauderaff - Seemed overmatched in the running game, which does not come as a big surprise. Was supposed to be strong pass blocker but did not distinguish himself. Would have been a good practice squad candidate, but the Jets came calling with a trade and Schlauderaff is now a Jet.

CB Brandian Ross - Since flashing early in camp, Ross has been relatively quiet. With Davon House assured a spot, Ross had a slim chance at best.

CB Josh Gordy - This was probably a difficult cut for the Packers – Gordy flashed excellent speed and football instincts, but struggled a bit in man-to-man coverage. With development, could turn into a good backup corner in the NFL. Packers will surely sign him to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

S Brandon Underwood - The move to safety helped Underwood, but in the end, he did not distinguish himself enough from the likes of M.D. Jennings to warrant keeping the often-in-troubleUnderwood around. A fresh start for him on another team is probably best for him, anyway.

WR Tori Gurley - The only cut that really pains me. I have high hopes for Gurley down the road and will be praying like hell that he clears waivers and sits comfortably on the practice squad all year. Tori, if you’re phone rings and it’s not a Wisconsin area code – DON’T ANSWER IT!

WR Chastin West - Seemed like all of Packer Nation was enamored with West early on. I kept asking, why? He’s a decent receiver, steady and consistent, but limited upside. Sorry, but there are plenty of receivers like that looking for an NFL job. That doesn’t mean the Packers wouldn’t keep him on the practice squad – he would be good insurance if someone goes down.

WR Diondre Borel - An excellent athlete, but way too much of a project to keep at this time. If he keeps working at receiver, he could catch on with another team down the road.

WR Kerry Taylor - Had a very good camp, showed some very good punt return skills, but unfortunately for Taylor, he was on a team with 5 excellent receivers and two other UDFAs in camp better than him. I do think that Taylor will be an NFL player. A practice squad candidate if West and Gurley are claimed.



Packers Pulling Off Some Trades: Quinn Johnson, Caleb Schlauderaff

Green Bay Packers Trade Quinn Johnson

Green Bay Packers Trade Quinn Johnson

As many have speculated, Packers players being cut today are coveted and in demand by other NFL teams. Ted Thompson has been fielding offers and has managed to pull off some trades, in effect getting something back for players that were just going to be cut anyway. Here’s what we know so far:

FB Quinn Johnson - The Tennessee Titans are reported to have made a trade for Packers fullback Quinn Johnson. As reported on Twitter by Jim Wyatt, Titans FB Ahmard Hall has been suspended 4 games for violation of policy on performance-enhancing substitutes. Hence, The Titans came knocking on Ted Thompson’s door and the two teams were were able to work out a trade for an undisclosed future draft pick.

Entering his third season with the Packers, Johnson was facing what was probably a make or break preseason for him. He had to show that he could be more versatile than just being a run blocker. There was no evidence to show that he had, so the handwriting was on the wall for Johnson. Luckily for him and the Packers, he now has a new team to play for.

G Caleb Schlauderaff - The Green Bay Packers sixth round draft pick, who was released today in the final round of roster cuts, has been traded to the NY jets for a conditional draft pick. This was reported on twitter by Chase Callahan of Rep1Sports, Schlauderaff’s agent.

In preseason games, Schlauderaff seemed a bit overmatched in the running game, which does not come as a big surprise. His strength was supposed to be pass blocking but did not distinguish himself there either. He would have been a good practice squad candidate for the Packers, but the Jets came calling with a trade and Schlauderaff is now a Jet.


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