Packers 31, Vikings 3 – Destruction in the Dome

Despite a slow start, the Green Bay Packers just destroyed the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 31-3. In Minnesota. Think about that. And for once, a Mike McCarthy Packers team did not go into super conservative mode once they had a lead.

I could never have predicted such a lopsided win, but I’m pleased as hell. This is exactly what I asked for on CheeseheadRadio last week. Get a lead and then stomp on their throats. Do not let them back into the game. Congratulations to Mike McCarthy and the Packers for showing that killer instinct that truly great teams have. Hopefully, this will be a watershed moment for the Packers.

My game day impressions:


KEY FACTOR: If I had to pick JUST ONE thing, it would be this: Can the Green Bay Packers
protect Aaron Rodgers as they did in the first meeting between these two teams. 14 sacks in two games with the Vikings last year, 0 sacks in the first game this year. The Packers will needs to score at least three touchdowns to win this game. TRhe packers can not allow the Vikings’ slumbering defensive line to awaken this game. Give Rodgers time and the packers nchances are very good.

My 1A key to the game is containing Percy Harvin. Notice I used the word containing, not stopping. I don’t believe you can expect to shut down harvin, but if you can keep him away from the BIG plays, that will be good enough. If Sidney Rice does play, it will only be more difficult to contain Harvin.

Vikings players are saying this week was the best week of practice they’ve had all season.

Green Bay’s inactives: Green Bay’s inactives Underwood, Hall, Havner, Starks, Briggs, McDonald, Newhouse and Wynn

Quinn Johnson starts for Korey Hall. OK, QJ, here’s a chance to get noticed…

Driver and Pickett are both active and expected to start. I wonder if it would best to keep Pickett out for another week. He keeps reinjuring the ankle and it’s becoming an ongoing problem. Of course, the Packers probably feel they really need him to limit Adrian Peterson to fewer yards than in their last meeting.

For the Vikings, both Berrian and Rice are active…

MM Comments on WTMJ Pregame show:

Bye week – team is fresh, good week of work, two practices in pads



Packers – Vikings Preview: 2010 NFL Week 6: Sexts and Crocs and Rock and Roll

The Packers’ season and their pride are both on the line this week as Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings come to town this Sunday night.

 The Vikings enter the contest at 2-3, coming off a big win at home against the Dallas Cowboys who quite possibly may be the only team in the NFC more desperate for a victory than the Packers.

With Clay Matthews coming back from injury, so should the Packers’ pass rush. Without Matthews last Sunday, the Packers failed to get much if any pressure on Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne and that no doubt played a key role in the Packers losing the game.

Penalties played another big role in the outcome, in particular one that nullified a punt and gave the Dolphins the ball back with a fresh set of downs.

To quote Vince Lombardi:

What the hell is going on out here?”

The Packers now face a must win game Sunday night. A win and their season is back on track and the Packers can continue to make their push for the NFC North title. All will then seemingly be well in Dairyland despite the Packers being hampered by a rash of injuries.

A loss? Well, lose to the Vikings and Titletown may burst into flames. Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy will face calls from many fans for their heads and the team could have a meltdown of epic proportions making 2010 one of the most disappointing seasons in the Packers’ illustrious history.

Breaking down the Vikings

Favre returns to Lambeau. Enough said.

No. 4 returns to the place he once called home but unlike 2009, his season has gone south in a hurry. The old Favre has returned, and I mention that without his age. The sacks. The turnovers. The boneheaded throws. All the problems that went away in Favre’s first season in a Vikings uniform have suddenly reappeared in his second.

Throw in a scandal involving him, a former Jets employee and Little Brett (no more jokes about that, I promise. You want them? Google them), some injuries that nearly caused him to miss last week and the three-time MVP is feeling low.

Still without Sidney Rice, the Vikings passing game has suffered. Have no fear, Randy Moss is here! Favre finally got his wish when the Vikings acquired Moss from New England. The Favre-Moss connection has only had one week to get it together, but it has the potential to be one of the best in league.