Packers vs. Chiefs – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: KC 30 GB 8

Packers vs. Chiefs

Packers vs. Chiefs

Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs:  2013 Preseason Game 4

Unfiltered game day blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.


Inactives for today:

Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers

12 QB Aaron Rodgers
24 CB Jarrett Bush
25 CB James Nixon
29 CB Casey Hayward
42 S Morgan Burnett
52 LB Clay Matthews
59 LB Brad Jones
88 TE Jermichael Finley

Kansas City Chiefs



All eyes will be on Vince Young starting with the first unit and the bubble players – many trying to make an NFL roster for the first time.

Just before game time, I found out something very interesting. Brian McIntyre of Yahoo Sports reported that Mason Crosby agreed to restructure his contract on Thursday. Yes, that’s right. Full details can be found here.

I imagine it went like this:  TT: “So Mason, if you’d like to stay here, what say you take a pay cut – then we won’t call Giorgio back – deal?”




Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Dujuan Harris injury: Like any injury, you have tomove on. Our responsibility as a coaching staff to taylor plays to the guys we have

OL vs. Seattle: There were some things that frankly weren’t very clean. Our assignment discipline was not what it needed to be. Some indecision there.

Kicking competition: Mason’s been challenged throughout training camp. It’s important for Mason to perform well tonight.

Kickoffs: It’s really about the flexibility to have 2 guys who can do it very well. Crosby is good at it but Tim has been exceptional at it.

Kickoff returns: Alex Green will start back there, Johnathan Franklin will get some reps. It’s still an open competition.

Lower-rung players: You’re playing for an opportunity to play in the NFL. Either at GB or somewhere else.

Quarterbacks: Vince Young to start, BJ Coleman will get a lot of work also.

Injured players: Tramon Williams, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb will all start the game.

Hot Night: We’re very conscientious of the heat – we cut the pre-game down.

Feelings about this camp: We grew. I wasn’t thrilled at first, but by the second preseason games, I thought we had come together and were doing things the right way.




Packers vs. Chiefs – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 24 KC 3

Graham Harrel with a perfect passer rating vs Chiefs

Graham Harrel finished with a perfect passer rating vs Chiefs

Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs:

My unfitered game day recap and blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

Inactive for Packers today:

Inactives tonight: Charles Woodson, Davon House, James Starks, Robert Francois, Jeff Saturday, Andrew Datko, Ryan Pickett, Donald Driver and Tom Crabtree.


The Packers have finished the preseason against the Chiefs the last three years.

Mike McCarthy started his NFL career with the Chiefs in 1993.


Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:


Starters: Our starters will play one series, maybe 6-7 plays.

Last week’s game: We felt good coming off the field and even more so after the film study.

Roster: A lot of cometetion throughout the whole roster, not just at the bottom, but for starting jobs also.

Can someone win a job tonight: Absolutely, I’m counting on it. Ted & I have discussed this – it’s the beauty of having a 4th preseason game.

Graham Harrell: GH is just like every other football player competing – he has to play well and he has to earn that opportunity. I don’t really agree with the opinions outside the building. No need for us to address it. GH brings a lot to the table. If we were to play a game tomorrow with GH, our offense wouldn’t need to change… People need to get their facts straight.




Packers vs. Chiefs – First Impressions – First Half:

Raji hurt on the first play? Hopefully just turned an ankle.

Sean Richardson in at safety before MD Jennings…

Nice job by Nick Perry on the Richardson tackle for a loss. Got backfield penetration, forced RB wide, couldn’t follow his lead blocker.

For a second, I thought Shields was gojng to try to run that interception out like last year when he would up getting concussed…

Harrell deep to Gurley. Huge play for both of those guys…

Graham’s Law: Harrell + protection = better results.

I’ve been in Alex Green’s corner since day one, but right now, he’s not finding the holes (assuming there are some). Will still give him a pass for most of this season. Usually takes close to 2 years for complete ACLrecovery.



Packers vs. Chiefs: 3 Not-So-Obvious Things to Watch

Packers Cornerback Sam Shields

Packers Cornerback Sam Shields

Seems like every writer, blogger and fan forum has a “5 things to watch” or “3 things to look for” post to preview an upcoming game. Usually, the items are fairly general and rather obvious; things like, “the offensive line needs to pass protect better  and the defense needs to create turnovers.” For many football fans, that’s good enough.

But you’re not just any NFL fan are you? No, you’re a Packers fan. And if you’re a repeat visitor to this web site, there’s a good chance you’re a rather rabid Packers fan that knows a thing or two about the game of football. From what you readers tell me, you like to read about Xs and Os, break down plays on film and discuss the more subtle aspects of the game of football.

I’m a firm believer in “give the people what they want,” so our “3 things” post will strive to be a little different. We’re going to delve into the not-so-obvious aspects of the upcoming games and give you some very specific things to look for.

Here are three players to watch in this game:

1) Sam Shields #37 - Shields regressed last season, partially because of increased responsibilities in coverage and run defense, according to CB coach Joe Whitt. Shields started slow in camp, then missed two games with an injury. Many Packers fans quickly soured on Shields, still irked from his disappointing play at the ending of last season.

Lately, however, his play is on the rise and the Packers are hopeful it continues. Shields has the one thing you can’t teach, the speed to make up for mistakes in coverage. With Davon House to be affected all season by a shoulder injury, Casey Hayward just too inexperienced and Jarret bush too valuable as a versatile fill-in, the Packers would much prefer to see Shields as the starter this season. What the Packers will be looking for this game is how Shields tackles a running back in the open field. You should watch for it too.

2) Jerron McMillian #22 – McMillian is in a two-man battle with MD Jennings to win the nickle safety position (when Charles Woodson will be moving to slot CB). But that’s not all – according to Dom Capers, the Packers have used him a bit at the dime cornerback spot (something I hadn’t noticed) and like what they’ve seen. I’ll be watching for #22 this game and how the Packers use him. This could open up a lot of possibilities in the Packers’ secondary.



The !$*?!#%! Kansas City Chiefs Ruined the Packers Opportunity for Perfection

Donald Driver, WR Green Bay Packers

Is this really happening?

The Packers lost to the Chiefs on Sunday in a complete trainwreck of a football game. Receivers dropped passes, the pass rush never entered Kyle Orton’s zip code and more Packers limped off the field with injuries.

It was a horrible way to end an amazing run. Just horrible.

There’s probably going to be some people that say it’s good for the Packers to lose a game. They’ll say that the ultimate goal is the Super Bowl and losing will build character and force the Packers to correct mistakes… or something like that.

Ignore those people. Tell them to go away.

Losing sucks. No team ever says, “Hey, lets lose this game today to build some character and increase our chances of going to the Super Bowl.” That’s not how it works.

If this Packers team goes 18-1 and repeats as Super Bowl champions, it’s going to be amazing. I’m going to be just as happy as I was for the other Super Bowl titles the Packers have won in my lifetime.

But there’s always going to be a small part of my green and gold brain that reminds me the Packers could have been 19-0 — undefeated — but they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs.


We’re going to have plenty of time in the coming days to break down exactly what happened, to start sounding the alarm about the Packers’ injuries, protection issues and defensive lapses. Honestly, I’m not worried about all of that. Yeah, the Packers are banged up and looked lost on Sunday, but they’re still the best team in the NFL.

If they don’t win the Super Bowl, it’d be an upset.

Right now, I just want to vent about the fact that the Packers opportunity for perfection was ruined by THE !$*?!#%! KANSAS CITY CHIEFS!!!!!! Some day my son will ask me why the Packers did not go undefeated in 2011, and I will have to tell him that they lost to the Chiefs, a team that was 5-8 and just fired its head coach.

Now don’t get me wrong. When my son gives me a quizzical look and asks how something silly like losing to the Chiefs could ruin a perfect season, I’ll spend the next two hours telling him stories about the amazing run the Packers went on in 2010-11. I’ll tell him about not losing a game for 364 days, the amazing play of Aaron Rodgers and all of the other things this team accomplished.



Packers Lose to the Chiefs. What Happened?

Packers lose to the Chiefs - Quest for undefeated season is over

Packers are undefeated no more

The Packers’ undefeated season is over. Exactly 364 days from their last loss, the Packers were soundly defeated by the 5-8 Chiefs, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I say soundly because this game was nowhere near as close as the final score might indicate.

The Packers were dominated by the Chiefs. New head coach Romeo Crennel came up with an extremely efficient  game plan to send the Packers to their first loss of 2011. . On offense, he kept things simple and short for Kyle Orton. He put him in the best possible situations for success. On defense, he did everything possible to disrupt the Packers flow. As Mike McCarthy said after the game, “they pressed us from the minute we got off the bus.”

Despite their record, I think we all knew the Packers were not a team without flaws. Yet they had enjoyed 13 straight games worth of success (19 including last year) thanks to two main things: Creating turnovers on defense and making big plays on offense. In this game, they got neither.


The Packers’ defense was it’s usual yardage sieve, giving up 438 yards to the Chiefs, and allowing them a 36 minute to 24 minute time of possession advantage. Limit the amount of time Aaron Rodgers has the ball is  priority #1 for any team wanting to beat the Packers.

As is also the case, the Packers defense stiffened when it needed to. But how many times can you let a team inside your five yard line and keep them out of the end zone? For the Packers, the magic number was four, as Denver was finally able to cross the goal line on their fifth try.

More than criticize the Packers defense, I think we need to give credit where credit is due – the Chiefs did their home work and devised a perfect game plan for the Packers.  They mixed the pass and the run beautifully, and killed the Packers with the screen pass in the first half.  They seemed to anticipate when the Packers would be bringing pressure, and had the screen pass call at the ready.

The Packers defense has pretty much been the same all season. We knew what we had (and didn’t have). We also knew that eventually, they would not come up with the big turnover, costing them a game. Let’s just be glad it happened now, rather than in the playoffs.



Packers vs. Chiefs – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 14 KC 19

Green Bay Packers versus the Kansas City Chiefs.

Packers vs. Chiefs.

Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs:

Here is my unfiltered game day blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

The Packers limp into Kansas City today with five starters on their inactive list, including their #1 receiver and their #1 running back. Greg Jennings and James Starks will watch from afar today while the Packers offense looks to adapt in an attempt to keep their undefeated season on track. Kansas City comes in after a tumultuous week that saw them fire their head coach.  in-season coach replacements are a funny thing in the NFL. Sometimes the team will come out looking lost and confused, other times they will ride the emotional wave to an over-achieving effort. Which will be see from the Chiefs today? I’m banking on the former.

Early reports from Arrowhead Stadium before the game indicate that there may be more Packers fans than Chiefs fans there. The #OccupyArrowhead movement appears to be a blazing success!


Inactive for the Packers today are:

Graham Harrell, Brandon Saine, James Starks, Desmond Bishop, Chad Clifton, Ryan Pickett, Greg Jennings

A.J. Hawk returns to full strength this week. While active last week, he never made the field as there was no reason to risk further injury with the Packers blowing out the Raiders. He wasn’t happy about it, but too bad. It was the right thing to do.

Packers go into this game with only two running backs on the roster, and one is fullback John Kuhn. That should mean more single back or empty backfield sets, in addition to more use of various tight ends in the H-back role.

Vic So ‘oto active today. Would love to get some tape of him at OLB if the Packers are ahead comfortably.

Davon House active today. that hasn’t happened for quite a while…

Josh Sitton is also back. Expect him to start…


Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:


Sunday noon games: It’s good to play early… part of your nature… you get up early and get to work – just like our normal schedule.

His time in KC: I have great memories of KC. Awesome years Arrowhead a great place to perform. Ultimate respect for the hunt family

Kuhn and Grant only RBs: – Something we’ll manage during the game – we need to be smart



Packers vs. Chiefs: Two Teams Moving in Completely Opposite Directions

Green Bay Packers Defensive Lineman Mike Neal

Mike Neal

The Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs entered the playoffs last season with identical 10-6 records. Winners of the AFC West, the Chiefs earned the right to host the Baltimore Ravens. Runners-up in the NFC North, the Packers went on the road to face the Philadelphia Eagles. Since then, the teams have gone in drastically different directions.

The Packers left Philadelphia with a 21-16 victory and an opportunity to go play the Atlanta Falcons the next week. The Chiefs’ season ended abruptly as they were blown out 30-7 by the Ravens. While the Chiefs cleaned out their lockers and planned off-season vacations, the Packers continued their magical playoff run to the team’s fourth Lombardi Trophy.

Since both teams entered last season’s playoffs with 10-6 records, the Packers are 17-0 while the Chiefs are 5-9. The Packers are contending for another Super Bowl victory while the Chiefs are grasping onto their playoff hopes.

One of the main reasons for the Chiefs collapse has been injuries. Against the Packers in pre-season, the Chiefs lost their emerging young tight end Tony Moeaki as then head coach Todd Haley decided to play his starters longer than usual. This became a trend for the Chiefs as they lost their best player Jamaal Charles in Week 2 against the Detroit Lions. Rookie wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin was also injured in a locker-room scuffle. Other prominent names on the Chiefs list of players on injured reserve include quarterback Matt Cassel and Eric Berry.

While injuries have ravaged the Chiefs season, the Packers have overcome countless injuries during their run. The offensive line has been shuffled due to injuries to Chad Clifton and Josh Sitton, safety Nick Collins’ season ended with a neck injury and James Starks, Tramon Williams, Desmond Bishop, A.J. Hawk and now Greg Jennings have all been out of the lineup.

Another reason for the collapse of the Chiefs and the rise of the Packers is a difference in stability. To compete in the NFL, a team needs a good quarterback and a good coach. While the Packers have two of the best in the business at their professions, the Chiefs have suffered at both.