No Workouts? No Problem For The Packers

Brothers Aaron and Jordan Rodgers work out together at Whole Body Fitness in their hometown of Chico, CA.

It’s become the big topic of debate during the lockout and it unfortunately involves the entire Green Bay Packers squad.

No, they haven’t gone on a cruise “Love Boat” style like the Minnesota Vikings did a few years ago. Rather, it’s a question about the Packers ON the field.

Why haven’t the Packer players held an informal team workout yet?

It’s a fair inquiry to make.  Most NFL teams have held some kind of group workouts involving a good chunk of the squad.  Yet the world champions have yet to do so with training camp possibly about a month away (assuming the lockout ends relatively soon).   This has not set well with many members of the media, including several former NFL players—namely former New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi.

To them I say, relax. The Packers will be fine.  Just because a majority of league has had team workouts does not put Green Bay at a significant competitive disadvantage.

Where is the proof of this? First, one has to look no further than the Packers squad that won Super Bowl XLV.  The team enjoyed outstanding chemistry in the locker room which is remarkable given all the injuries the team suffered and having to bring in some players basically off the street.

These new players were welcomed into the fold by the veterans.  Erik Walden comes to mind in this situation.  Here is a guy that comes in literally off the street and in a matter of weeks has a monster game which helped propel the Packers into the postseason.   On some other teams, Walden would have been forced to pay his dues and let the established stars make all the plays.

Not in Green Bay, where players take joy and pleasure in each other’s accomplishments.  This Packers squad was a team in the truest sense of the word and with a vast majority of players coming back for 2011, there is no reason to believe that strong chemistry will not continue.  Mike McCarthy and his staff will see to that.

Speaking of McCarthy, he’s another reason why the Packers don’t necessarily need to hold informal team workouts.   When asked about workouts during the lockout, McCarthy continued to emphasize that he trusts his players and expects them to report to camp in shape whenever it begins.