2011 Packers Yearbook: Player You Would Cut Right Now (If You Were Ted Thompson)

2011 Packers Yearbook: Player You Would Cut Right Now (If You Were Ted Thompson)

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Adam: Ray Dominguez. Hey, the Packers were 15-1. Why would I want to cut any of the regulars that contributed to a great season. I’ll cut Dominguez because he was signed late and never played.

Al: Chad Clifton. Cliffy’s been a solid performer and a good soldier, but he’s been fighting a breaking-down body for a few years now. Counting on him would be a huge mistake and the Packers could use the cap room and roster spot. It’s time for Newhouse and/or Sherrod to claim the job.

Chad: Sadly, I would have to release Donald Driver. We’ve all been through this discussion multiple times now, so it’s no shock to say that he’s in his waning years and would just be taking up a roster spot from a younger player on the rise. I would make the move now instead of in training camp so that Driver has the ability to sign and get comfortable with a new team.

Kris: Pat Lee.  Do I really need to show the tape from the regular season finale against the Lions? Don’t make me do it. I SWEAR! I’LL DO IT!!!  To be fair, I’m not basing this on one game either.  Lee has been a punchline for awhile.  Time to go bye bye.

Michael: I agree with Chad’s assessment and would have to cut Donald Driver. With a nice stable of talent at the wide receiver position and practice squad player Tori Gurley set to make the leap into the 53-man roster, there just isn’t any more room for the 37-year old wide receiver. As Chad already mentioned, cutting Driver sooner rather than later makes a lot of sense and would be a classy move to allow Driver every opportunity to find a good fit for his new team.