Woodson endorses Obama, Starr sides with Romney

President Obama (D) holds a Charles Woodson jersey along with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R)

President Obama (D) holds a Charles Woodson jersey along with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R)

It’s early November in an election year, and the Packers have a winning record through eight games. So with fan interest peaking and political ads flooding the media, it’s newsworthy when Charles Woodson and Bart Starr publicly endorse a certain presidential candidate.

On Thursday, Woodson endorsed Barack Obama at a rally in Green Bay. Many professional athletes try to avoid voicing their political leanings, but Woodson openly voiced his opinion on the election, citing the distribution of wealth as a key issue.

“You have a lot of people making a boatload of money who are complaining about money. They don’t have money problems,” Woodson said. “There’s a lot of people who do have money problems, and those are the people who should be complaining. Look at the East Coast right now. Those people need help.”

Woodson donated $100,000 to the American Red Cross to help in the relief effort following Hurricane Sandy. Be sure to check out Jason Wilde’s post on Woodson’s endorsement of Obama over at ESPNMilwaukee.com.

Starr, the 1966 NFL MVP and two-time Super Bowl Champion, sided with Romney during a rally Friday at State Fair Park.

“I just think when you look at how successful (Romney) has been everywhere he has been and what he has done, I’m very confident when elected president he will confirm and make those remarkable levels of success every-day achievements for us.”

Starr also attributed two of Vince Lombardi’s key traits–”integrity and excellence”–to Romney.

But the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel cited a statement from Graeme Zielinski, a spokesman for the state Democratic Party: ”The Green Bay Packers have never won a Super Bowl with a Republican in the White House. Also, Vince Lombardi was a Democrat.”

So there you go–a major Packers figure stands on each side of the fence. Woodson, a current Packer and future Hall of Famer, stands with President Obama, while Starr, a Packer legend and Hall of Fame quarterback, sides with Romney.

Wisconsin, typically viewed as a “battleground state” around election time, seems to be leaning towards Obama according to recent polls.

Several polls have Obama currently leading; the latest poll from Marquette Law School suggests that Obama leads Romney 51 percent to 43 percent, while a poll by N-B-C News, the Wall Street Journal, and Marist College had Obama leading by three points. St. Norbert’s College in De Pere has Obama leading Romney 51 percent to 42 percent.