What Would You be Doing if the Packers were in the Super Bowl today?

Here’s a fun little poll for Packers fans to think about what they might be doing today if the packers were playing the Broncos instead of the Seahawks. Weigh in with your response and come back later for the full results.

What would you be doing today if the Packers were in the Super Bowl?
Sitting in MetLife Stadium cheering them on.0%
Hosting a Super Bowl party at home.0%
Going to a Super Bowl Party wearing Geen and Gold.0%
Locking yourself in your room and watching the game by yourself.0%
Cheering for the Packers to lose.0%
Watching the game at a sports bar in NJ or NY after have spent a few days soaking in the Super Bowl atmosphere.0%
Yelling “McCarthy Sucks” or “Fire Capers” at the TV screen every time something doesn’t go the Packers’ way. 0%
Anything but watching the game.0%
Saying “Favre would have completed that” every time Rodgers throws an incompletion.0%
miss the game because you’re still hung over for the previous 48hrs of non-stop partying.0%


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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of AllGreenBayPackers.com, and the co-founder of Packers Talk Radio Network. He can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for Drafttek.com.




Packers Loss: Name the ONE Thing That Disturbed You the Most

Packers vs. 49ers: McCarthy - Harbaugh shake hands

An unhappy handshake for Mike McCarthy…

I’m always interested in seeing if other Packers fans are thinking the same thing I’m thinking. And always amazed about how so many people can watch the same game and see things so differently.

In any case, after watching the disappointing loss to the 49ers, there was plenty for everyone to not like. But if I had to pick just ONE thing that bothered me the most, what would it be?

What is YOUR one thing?

(yes, you only get one…)


I posted this question on twitter this afternoon and got an incredibly varied array of responses. Here are some of the replies:

- WR’s lack of ability to get open quicker

- The continued trend of MM/Rodgers inability to win close ones in the 4th quarter.

- The refs. we can fix mistakes cant fix refs

- in that the last 2 losses we’ve seen against good teams, they’ve gotten dominated.

- Secondary. Settle on the starters, nickel safety, and dime corner, and clean up the communication issues.

- Jarrett Bush as starting corner

- just one?!? I’ll say being out-coached at home.

- - weeping. OH you meant in the game…

- That Finley still hasn’t matured. His reaction to his drop and walking over the defender in endzone which got him cleated.

- the fact they view bush and M.D. Jennings as starting players

- coaching! Lack of any gameplan or making adjustments! Wake up & react.

- Bush being all cocky after 2 plays knowing the entire secondary was playing like shit all game

- I was going to go w/the late flags or no calls on both sides but I’ll go with #Packers had NO fire in them!

- playing what seemed like a prevent defense where there was a 10 yd cushion between every receiver an DB. Or so it seemed

- why  Capers was giving 10 yds cushion to receivers in 1st half. Was he afraid of a long pass by A Smith? Short pass killed

- The final score

- middle lb play… Always seemed to be step or two late

- Jarrett Bush being on the field…

- the secondary (yes, Jarrett Bush, I am looking at you) is still anemic and making the same mistakes as last year.

- I’d go w/ Rodgers’ struggles when 49ers disguised blitzes and coverages. Disciplined D’s will keep doing it.



2011 Packers Yearbook: Most Disappointing Player

2011 Packers Yearbook: Most disappointing player

(Be sure to place your vote in the poll below.)

Adam: Tramon Williams went from one of the most promising CBs in the NFL to givng up record numbers in passing yards. A shoulder injury and little support from the pass rush didn’t help Williams, but he still gets my vote for most disappointing.

Al: For me it has to be Mike Neal.  Based on his play early in 2010, I fully expected him to really come on and be a handful for offensive lineman to contain. Of course, he never got the chance and when he did come back, you could see he wasn’t the same guy. And now he’s suspended for four games. Ugh. I haven’t given up on him, though. I still want to see what he can do if healthy. Still holding out hope…

Chad: Perhaps the “underrated” tag fits better here, but I just can’t get over the disappointment of Mike Neal. The most unfortuante part is that this disappoint extends from his rookie year all the way into next season. His injuries, while pretty much out of his control, have been the biggest disappointment for Mike Neal and a large source of frustration to boot. But his latest four-game suspension for 2012 is his most recent disappointment. This kid could have been doomed from the beginning.

Kris:  AJ Hawk.  It looked like he finally turned the corner in the 2010 season, but 2011 was a disaster for the Ohio State alum. It was so bad that there is now legitimate debate about replacing him in the lineup with DJ Smith, an unkown who showed flashes in limited playing time.  For someone touted at the “sure thing” of the 2006 draft, Hawk is not close to meeting those expectations.

Michael: Jermichael Finley. As a huge fan of Finley, I was disappointed with his 2011 campaign. It wasn’t just the dropped balls, but the lack of consistent domination that he is capable of. He showed it off in the Arizona playoff game in ’09, in the Week 3 Bears game this season, but most times he was just another guy. It was hard to watch Finley be just another guy as other tight ends like Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham had monster seasons.



2011 Packers Yearbook: Most Valuable Player (not named Aaron Rodgers or Clay Matthews)

2011 Packers Yearbook:  Most Valuable Player (not named Aaron Rodgers or Clay Matthews))

(Be sure to place your vote in the poll below.)

Adam: Greg Jennings. This one would be more obvious if Jennings didn’t get hurt, but he gets the nod because of how powerful the Packers passing game was.

Al: I can’t pick on anyone on offense besides Rodgers, sooooooo, I’ll go with  Ryan Pickett. In the two games that Pickett missed, the Packers gave up 344 rushing yards. Playing the majority of the time in a two-man front, Pickett is just an immovable force on the line of scrimmage. Dom Capers always says his defensive philosophy starts with stopping the run, so that makes Pickett my choice. My second choice would be Desmond Bishop, for similar reasons.

Chad: It’s hard to compare offense to defense, but since the defensive unit was so bad this year, I think I’ll have to go with an offensive player. That being said, I can’t get past the performance that Jordy Nelson had this season. True, Greg Jennings is the better receiver, yet Nelson was putting up numbers all year. I can’t fault Jennings for the injury, but it’s hard to dismiss how well Nelson filled in for him and consistently delivered. And according to ProFootballFocus, Jordy was second only to Victor Cruz in yards per route run among wide receivers.

Kris:  Greg Jennings.  He’s matured into the leader of a lethal receiving corps with Donald Driver’s role becoming more diminished.  Many other teams would have trouble keeping this many talented pass catchers happy, but Jennings (along with Driver I suppose) has helped keep the other receivers’ focus on the ‘we’ not the ‘me.’ 

Michael: Greg Jennings. I have to agree with Kris and say that Jennings’ growth as a leader were extremely valuable to the team in 2011. Jennings has always done things the right way, but especially during the playoff run in 2010 and the 2011 season, Jennings really grew into a leader. He was extremely consistent on the field and became more and more vocal throughout the year.



2011 Packers Yearbook: Most Photogenic

Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Donald Driver2011 Packers Yearbook: Most photogenic

(Be sure to place your vote in the poll below.)

Adam: Donald Driver. People will always love the smile.

Al: Clay Matthews. It’s all about the hair and image. So Cal Clay can give you multiple looks, tied back in a pony tail for public  appearances, loose and flowing when he’s just chilling around town. Whatever he does with it, he takes a hell of a  picture and the women love him.

Chad: It’s hard to get past the charisma of Donald Driver. From his pearly whites to his shiny bald head and diamond earrings, there’s no bad angle one could find with a camera. (Okay, floating back down to Earth now . . .)

Kris:  Aaron Rodgers.  That s**t-eating grin of his cracks me up every time whether it is part of a photo bomb endeavor or just on TV.

Michael: Greg Jennings. While Rodgers has more fame and Driver has the unbeatable smile, Jennings shines in front a camera. You can almost see his personality bursting through. Although not the level of Driver’s, Jennings also has a pretty notable smile.

Thomas: Aaron Rodgers, he might be the most consistent quarterback in the NFL right now, but he’s even more consistent in photo bombing the captain’s pictures.

Zach: Rodgers, Jennings and Driver are all great choices, but we can’t leave out Clay Matthews, can we? He’s Hollywood because he wants to be.



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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of AllGreenBayPackers.com, and the co-founder of Packers Talk Radio Network. He can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for Drafttek.com.




2011 Packers Yearbook: Most likely to become a Packers coach

2011 Packers Yearbook: Most likely to become a Packers coach

(Be sure to place your vote in the poll below.)

Adam: Jarrett Bush. I could see Bush as a future special teams coach. On the field, Bush is obnoxious, passionate and a little goofy — the perfect recipe for a future in coaching special teams.

Al: If he was still around, I would pick Mark Tauscher. I always think offensive line when it comes to who would make a good coach,  and of the current packers group, Jeff Saturday is the logical choice. But I don’t feel like being logical today, so I’m thinking out of the box here and saying Nick Collins. Collins may soon find out his playing career is over, yet is probably not ready to let go of the game. there’s only one solution: become a coach.

Chad: Call me crazy, but I think A.J. Hawk could fit the bill. The Packers don’t seem to want to get rid of him, and he’s been more of a cerebral player than a physical one. Maybe they’ll offer him a coaching position as an alternative to cutting him in the future . . .

Kris: Can we count Mark Tauscher? Mike McCarthy kept him around the team in 2010 after he was placed on IR and the players in locker room obviously respect him.  If not him, then Clifton.  His knowledge of the offensive line would make him an ideal coach.

Michael: Donald Driver. I have no idea if Driver would even consider coaching once his playing days are over, but there is something to be said about a player that carved an unlikely path to NFL success. Driver has the intelligence, personality and an ability to connect to others that would be beneficial for a coach to possess.

Thomas: I’m going to go with another offensive linemen and pick Jeff Saturday.  My reasoning is that the Colts offered to keep Saturday with some sort of agreement to work in the front office in the future, and that says to me that he wants to stay in football once he’s playing career is over.  Saturday has probably seen it all and was a focal point of probably the most complicated offense in the NFL for 13 years with Peyton Manning so I’m sure he understands how to teach other linemen to do the same.



2011 Packers Yearbook: Most Frustrating Player

2011 Packers Yearbook: Most Frustrating Player

(Be sure to place your vote in the poll below.)

Adam: Tramon Williams. It was very frustrating watching Williams go from a top-tier CB to a complete mess. Hopefully a better pass rush and a fully-healed shoulder gets him back on track in 2012.

Al: So many candidates… I’ll stay away from the obvious choice (cough… Finley… cough…) and go with Charlie Peprah. The Packers won a Super Bowl with Charlie Peprah at safety. Last season, he was a disaster. Made mistake after mistake and gave up one big play after another. Obviously, without Nick Collins around for guidance, he was just lost back there…

Chad: Jermichael Finley, hands down. (Pun intended.) This year we saw the drops bug move from James Jones to Finley, and boy was it frustrating to watch. Finley is a dominant player and such a threat to defenses that seeing him consistently drop passes was gut-wrenching. Here’s hoping this problem goes away with a fresh year and a fresh contract.

Kris:  Finley. The kid has all the potential to be a revolutionary player at the tight end position, which made his drops even more maddening.  If the guy’s head is in the right place, he can be dominant but after only about two and quarter seasons, we have yet to see if Finley can mentally handle the pro game.

Michael: James Starks. Following his surprising play down the stretch in 2010 and into the playoffs, Starks appeared to be on his way to becoming the Packers primary running back. Instead, Starks was injured most of the year and when healthy, failed to consistently run the ball well. With Ryan Grant likely gone via free agency, Starks will need to improve his vision and his ability to stay on the field throughout the season.

Thomas: D.J. Williams.  What happened to that guy?  During training camp he looked smooth and controlled in the offense and then when the regular season rolled around, he fell off the map.  When Williams was drafted, I figured he would get looks at slot reciever/away from the formation tight end and in the backfield as a pseudo-fullback with lots of flares and curls to catch linebackers and defensive linemen, but in the end Williams barely was active let alone on the field.  Hopefully a full offseason and a years worth of experience will help Williams entrench himself in the lineup and he can start to contribute earnestly.