Surviving Sunday: Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived

Surviving Sundays With No Packers Football

Surviving Sundays With No Packers Football

Should it matter that Aaron Rodgers probably didn’t check in with the Packers before doing his schtick with Brett Favre last weekend?

It shouldn’t.

I doubt Ted Thompson or Mike McCarthy really cares about that kind of thing. And if for some reason they do, they shouldn’t.

If Rodgers wants to run off and do commercials, play in celebrity golf tournaments, host Saturday Night Live or share the stage with his predecessor, so be it. I don’t think public relations are at the top of McCarthy’s and Thompson’s list of offseason priorities. To those two, the only PR they need to worry about is winning in 2013.

Unless Favre goes completely crazy and tries another comeback, No. 4 has nothing to do with how the Packers will play next season.

I could see Mark Murphy maybe being a little irked. As the team president, part of his job is to try and manage the team’s image and handle situations like when to welcome Favre back into the Packers family. Perhaps Murphy had a plan on how to approach the issue, and Rodgers deviated from the plan without asking first.

Or maybe he didn’t. Who knows?

Either way, I’m glad it happened. I’m looking forward to the day when Packers fans can cheer Favre again and remember all the great things he did for this organization. After a few years of¬†uncertainty, it looks like that day might actually happen sometime in the near future.

If it took the current Packers quarterback to deviate from the plan a bit to make it happen, so be it.

Packers News and Notes

  • Tyler Dunne at he Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel got in touch with Jermichael Finley to discuss the tight end’s future. Finley thinks is “50/50″ that he’ll remain with the Packers. Unless Ted Thompson can get a second-day draft pick for Finley, I think he stays. Finley is too much of an asset to just cut loose for nothing. Want to read more on Finley? Check out Zach Kruse’s excellent post at CheesheadTV.com.
  • Damn. The Packers schedule is tough next season. Non-division road opponents include the Giants, Cowboys, Bengals, Ravens and 49ers, all teams with a legit shot of making the postseason. Because it’s the offseson and I’m bored, here’s my early game-by-game prediction for 2013: Home wins: Bears, Vikings, Lions, Redskins, Steelers, Browns. Road wins: Lions, Giants, Bengals, Ravens. I guess I’m seeing 10-6 for the time being. Hopefully I find at least one more win in there somewhere over the next seven months.