Note to Vic Carucci: Retiring Favre’s Jersey Not a Priority

As I was snooping around NFL.com this weekend in an attempt to find something that didn’t involve the lockout, I came across an article from Vic Carucci entitled “Favre deserves Packers number retired sooner than later.”

My eyes widened at the title.

Was he really suggesting what I thought he was? Did he believe that good ol’ Number Four deserved an expedited reconciliation from the Green Bay Packers?

Apparently he did.

After reading Carucci’s thoughts on the matter, my regard for him dropped significantly. Though, to be completely up front about it, I never really cared for his writing to begin with. It’s not like his stock had very far to fall anyways.

But this was just ridiculous.

Carucci personally finds it “unsettling” that CEO Mark Murphy attached the timetable of “a few years” to the retirement of Favre’s number. He does admit that this “speaks to what remains an overwhelmingly wide gap in the relationship between Favre and the Packers.” He even acknowledges the fact that the Packers need some time to let the “old wounds” heal.

For some reason I cannot explain, however, Carucci puts the entire burden of reconciliation on the Green Bay Packers organization.

Now, I’ve done my best to remain silent on this issue, because it’s one that divides the Packers fan base. And I respect all of the differing opinions out there. Each person has a legitimate reason for siding one way or the other, and without all the facts of the messy divorce, we only have speculation on which to base our claims.

My personal feeling is that Favre turned his back on the Green Bay Packers, even though both sides could have handled things better when going their separate ways. The vitriol that fans feel didn’t start when he went to the New York Jets. People seemed to support him, and a lot of Packers fans were understandably skeptical about Aaron Rodgers’ ability to lead the team.

No, the jersey-burning level of anger didn’t escalate until he put on that purple uniform. That’s when Favre crossed the line.

And perhaps Carucci, being the sports “journalist” that he is, doesn’t quite get that.

“Murphy should have been able to gather by the applause he received after mentioning the organization’s intentions to retire Favre’s number,” writes Carucci, “that a sizable number of Green Bay fans still have a special place for him in their collective heart.”