Aaron Rodgers – Throws Like Dan Marino and Runs Llike Steve Young

As I’ve watched Aaron Rodgers progress over the last few years, there have been things that have amazed me and things that have given me concern. Gradually, he has eliminated the concerns and has reached a point where it’s just incredible fun to watch him play.

The statistics bear out his fine play. Rodgers is already #1 on the all-time NFL passer rating list. His performance yesterday was most likely the second best for a QB  in playoff history, behind only Kurt Warner‘s unconscious performance against the Packers last season.

Mike Ditka called Rodgers’ game the finest QB playoff performance he’s seen in 50 years.

Rodgers’ own teammates were in awe of his performance.

Rodgers has now sent home two quarterbacks that made the Pro Bowl ahead of him.

The superlatives are flying.

But how would you describe Aaron Rodgers?

Well, ESPN’s Ross Tucker came up with the winner, in my opinion: “He throws like Dan Marino and runs like Steve Young.”


Just like Aaron Rodgers.

We Packers fans are a lucky group.

Go Pack!


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