Mike McCarthy Season-Ending Press Conference Highlights

Mike McCarthy

McCarthy gave his season-ending remarks on Wednesday and talked about his outlook for 2014

Much like Aaron Rodgers did on Tuesday, Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy gave his season-ending press conference on Wednesday.  Below are highlights with some of my commentary.

It’s always interesting to get a player’s take on the season that was, but players come and go.  In McCarthy’s case, his comments are especially valuable not only because he is the head coach and has a lot of insight, but because he will likely remain in Green Bay for the next several years.

For a full transcript, check the Packers team website.  As always, do chime in with your thoughts on what McCarthy said and what it means to you.

“We have a lot of a work to do. We’re in Day 3 of our evaluation process. Monday and Tuesday met with players. Today start w/coaches.” – This is stating the obvious after any team is eliminated from the playoffs but with many calling for changes within the team and the organization, it’s good to hear that they have already started on whatever those changes might be.  McCarthy has always begun his season-ending process right away and with this offseason expected to be busier than usual, many eyes and ears are on the possible next steps that he and the team take.

“It didn’t feel like 2010 to me at all this year. Every year is different.” – I’m guilty of it and so are many out there.  We love to hope that every season will turn into what 2010 did.  Because of that single playoff run and championship, Packers fans will forever cling to hope that if the team can just get hot, they can do it again.  My take?  Let’s put the comparisons to 2010 to bed for once and for all.  Three full seasons have now come and gone (one of which during the team lost only two games) and it is obvious that the Packers are not yet where they need to be to truly regain the magic yet.