Takeaways From The 2013 Green Bay Packers

2014 Green Bay Packers

McCarthy faces a big offseason and many personnel decisions

The 2013 Green Bay Packers season is unfortunately in the books.  I have already read a bevy of Packers-related news, tweets, Facebook posts, you name it.  There is much speculation as to what the Packers are going to do in preparation for the 2014 season.

If it is not already posted, our own Adam Czech has an upcoming piece on the Packers’ free agents heading into this offseason.  It is sure to be a good read so stay tuned!

Obviously and any time a season ends with a playoff loss, there is a degree of disappointment.  While it’s impossible for a team to win a Super Bowl every season, that doesn’t stop avid fans from hoping that their team can get hot and make a run through the postseason.  For Packers fans, 2010 was all that it took to recalibrate their hope-o-meters and create a “never say never” mentality.

So now for all intents and purposes, it’s the 2014 season.  There will undoubtedly be changes via free agency departures and (dare I say?) gains, the draft in May and possible coaching changes.  Below are some of my biggest takeaways from this season with some thoughts heading into next.

- Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in football right now.  He’s worth every penny that the Packers are paying him and for the next six years, the Packers will be contenders because of it.  That is assuming that Rodgers is healthy, of course.  Every bit of excitement that you felt during yesterday’s game is thanks to Rodgers.  His timely return in week 17 against the Bears probably single-handedly catapulted the Packers into another division title and postseason.

- The Packers need to re-sign Matt Flynn.  Scott Tolzien might be a nice project that Mike McCarthy can work with, but we all saw what happened when Rodgers and backup Seneca Wallace went down.  Green Bay needs a proven backup.  Flynn led comeback efforts in four of his five starts and which led to two wins and one tie.  They were within a single better decision on a last play of beating the Pittsburgh Steelers.