The Packers, Sports Shock Jocks And You: A Survival Guide….And A Call To Arms

All right, that does it.

I tried ignoring it, but the more and more I read Twitter the more frustrated I am getting. I’ve been taking the high road on this and will continue to by not using his real name. He doesn’t deserve all the attention he is getting.

Who am I talking about? A certain sports shock jock on ESPN.  Since I’m withholding his real name, I will call him Jump Shoremore. Think about it.  He’s the guy trying to undermine Aaron Rodgers every time the mute on his microphone is accidentally turned off.

Packer Nation, it’s time to take a chill pill and face reality: the closer the Packers get to an undefeated season, the more amped up the media coverage will be.  If you think things are bad now, wait until Week 17 should the Packers be 15-0 at that point.

That said, I beg you all to do this regarding the aforementioned ESPN jock: Ignore. Him.

I know it’s tough. He’s attempting to torpedo our quarterback.   As fans we naturally surround the player and defend him from these kinds of things and fire shots back at the attacker.   It’s the natural thing to do, so I can’t blame fans for reacting the way they are.

But it’s time fans realize they aren’t helping fix the problem. They’re actually making it worse.

Journalists are used to taking flak for what they report.  This goes back all the way to the advent of print journalism and then broadcast journalism.  Everyone has an opinion and it is impossible to please everyone.    It comes with the job.

Things are much different today, however.  Thanks to the 24 hour news cycle and the rise of social media, journalists are given a much larger platform and have much more power and influence that they did just one short decade ago.

Some use this responsibly and have enhanced their careers because of it and others abuse it just to stir up trouble and piss people off.  The ESPN shock jock definitely falls into the latter category.

In fact, I’d say he is the epitome of an industry that has gotten out of control.  An industry that has become more about flash and pageantry than it has about substance.  To make matters worse, his network seems to be encouraging it!