Green Bay Packers Releasing Financial Data: Newest Shareholders Awash In Anticipation

The Packers will release their financial numbers on Tuesday.

Update: The Financial data has been released. The Packers’ operating profit skyrocketed from 12 million thye previuos fiscal year to 43 million over the last 12 months. Full details can be found on Packers.com.

Every year the Green Bay Packers are required to release the financial data of the NFL’s only publicly owned team, and this year is no different.  According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com, the Packers will release last year’s financial numbers Tuesday afternoon.

The report will straddle both 2011 and 2012, and according to Florio, the numbers will most likely show a revenue increase for Green Bay.  This is great news for Green Bay because despite the poor economy and playing in a smaller market, the Packers still show an increase.

However, the bigger issue is Florio, a respected media  member, and the overall attitude of many for how the Packers have reached their financial success.

Florio’s tone throughout the report would have you believe that the Packers are ripping people off by selling them stock that means absolutely nothing.  However, what Florio doesn’t, and honestly can’t, understand is the passion that Packers’ fans have for their beloved team.

Florio states that Green Bay raised $67 million by selling sheets of paper for $250 each.  What Florio calls a piece of paper, we call a piece of the franchise that we love.

Does it matter that the paper ultimately means nothing?  Does it matter that people who bought that stock doesn’t really have a say in the future of the team?

Of course not.

All that matters is the fact that those who purchased that stock are now part of the Packers.  Not literally, but every time they walk into their office or their living room, they see a piece of the Green Bay Packers.

No other fan of any other team in the NFL can say that.