Packers’ Raji Close to Dancing Again

BJ Raji

B.J. is close to dancing again in 2012.

It was nice to see Packers receiver Donald Driver show off some of those Dancing With the Stars moves after catching a touchdown Thursday against the Bears.

Driver is a legit good dancer. His form is flawless. His timing is impeccable. His rhythm makes the ladies melt.

But I think I speak for a large (literally and figuratively) segment of the Packers fanbase when I say that it’s time for B.J. Raji to reclaim his crown as the Dancing King of the Green Bay Packers.

It’s been fun watching you bust a move or two, Donald, but you’re too good. You’re the guy at weddings that every other guy hates. You know, the one who dances so well that every lady in the place is inspired to drag their husbands on the dance floor, then storm off angry 30 seconds later when they realize their slobby husbands can’t do half of the stuff you can do on the dance floor.

Yes, it’s time for Raji to stand up for all the fatsos and guys with two left feet in Packer nation and start dancing again. If he keeps playing like he is, it might not be long before “The Raji” returns.

No Dancing in 2011
Even though he made the pro bowl, Raji had a season to forget in 2011.

According to Pro Football Focus, Raji was the worst 3-4 defensive tackle in the NFL. His -19.1 overall rating was the worst in football.

Raji especially struggled against double teams, getting completely wiped out of plays and not clogging up gaps like a good 3-4 defensive lineman should.

The Packers were desperate for a defensive lineman to generate some pass rush last season as well, and Raji never stepped up. Yes, it’s rare for 3-4 lineman to get after the QB, but Raji was expected to provide some pressure and rarely came through.

Looking Good in 2012
So far things are looking up for the 337-pounder in 2012.

Pro Football Focus gave Raji a 2.7 overall and a 2.0 against the run against the Bears. He had three solo stops leading to an offensive failure and a batted pass against the Bears. He also has a quarterback hurry in each of the first two games.