So You Want To Fire Dom Capers?

A lot of fans have been clamoring for the head of Dom Capers, the perceived problem to all of the Packers woes.  Some have argued that Dom Capers is getting too old to be coaching, his defensive philosophy and schemes too outdated and too complex for players to handle and perhaps most puzzling his lack of coaching causing injuries, missed assignments and miscommunication between the defensive unit.  However, before you start cleaning out his office, you have to have a plan B; namely if the Packers did fire Dom Capers, who would be the new 3-4 defensive coordinator?  Before all of you shout “I don’t care, anyone would be better than Dom Capers”, you and I are “anyone” and we all know that anyone that comments on this site would make a terrible defensive coordinator (let’s not even pretend).  With that in mind, I’ve created a list of the some of the potential coaching candidates that could replace Dom Capers

In House Options:

  1. Mike Trgovac: Trgovac has the most experience among the assistant coaches and is the only one with previous defensive coordinator experience having been the DC for the Carolina Panthers from 2003-2008. However in Carolina the Panthers ran a 4-3 alignment so it’s unclear how much experience he has with the 3-4 defense as a whole.  Furthermore, Trgovac turned down a 2-year contract extension with Carolina in order to take the Packers defensive line coaching position, which is interesting in itself considering Trgovac essentially took a pay cut and dropped down a rung on the coaching ladder to work for the Packers, which might be an indication that he doesn’t have an interest in being a defensive coordinator any more.  Of the in house choices, Trgovac probably has the best chance of being promoted to defensive coordinator; while he has turned down several coordinator interviews over the last couple years stating that he doesn’t want to move his family, obviously becoming the defensive coordinator for the Packers would not have this issue.  Furthermore, 3-4 defensive line production is largely a stat less critique, which would likely help Trgovac hide some of the poor performances the defensive line has had over the years.


NFL Week 9: Green Bay Packers-Dallas Cowboys Preview: Back in the Saddle

The Green Bay Packers beat the New York Jets 9-0 in a game that not even many diehard Packer fans expected them to win.  Even with five starters out, the Packers defense put together a superhuman effort against the Jets’ vaunted rushing game and the Packers got their first road shutout since 1991.

A win that could be a springboard to a title.

But before the Packers can start planning on a February trip to Dallas, the Packers first must beat Dallas in Green Bay. The Cowboys come to town Sunday night at 1-6 an seemingly self-destructing after losing starting quarterback Tony Romo for six to eight weeks.

All the more reason for the Packers to take the Cowboys seriously. No one needs to be reminded of the Tampa Bay game last season.

Breaking down the Cowboys

Actually, it seems the Cowboys are broken down enough already.

With the Wade Phillips Firing Squad on standby, the Cowboys are reeling.  Jon Kitna steps in for Romo and if the last game against the Jaguars is any indication, the Cowboys offense is in even worse trouble than when Romo was healthy.

Of course, the Cowboys offense still has weapons. Their three-headed rushing attack of Marion Barber, Felix Jones, and Tashard Choice still packs some punch.  With Romo gone, the running game will have to carry the team.

The Cowboys have talented receivers in Jason Whitten and rookie Dez Bryant, but without Romo they don’t have a quarterback with a strong enough arm to move the ball downfield consistently.

On defense, the Cowboys seemingly can’t stop anyone, which makes this game as good as any for the Packers’ offense to try and get back on track.

Still, with Terrence Newman leading the way for the secondary, the Packers receivers, now sans Donald Driver will have their hands full. DeMarcus Ware will also provide a challenge for Brandon Jackson as well as the short to intermediate passing game.

When the Packers have the ball….

The broken record continues: the Packers need to establish the run. With a weak defense coming to town, the Packers will have every oppoortunity to do so.

Still, coming off the Jets game, it’s important for the Green Bay passing game to get its groove back. While he hasn’t been in a slump per se, Aaron Rodgers knows he has to play better. With him having a sprained ankle, Rodgers mobility could be limited so the Cowboys will likely blitz heavily.